Low-emission car sharing for everybody

All-inclusive, hassle-free travel

E-Car is a self-service, low-emission car club that enables private and business users to book and use vehicles as and when required.

By operating an ever-expanding fleet of new, high spec electric & hybrid vehicles across the UK, E-Car provides a low cost travel option for those who don’t need a car of their own, all of the time.

Car club model

Car clubs are designed to provide flexible, convenient access to vehicles without the financial and environmental burden of private ownership.

This is achieved by deploying vehicles into convenient locations where they’re permanently located (unless out on a booking of course), and then by providing members with the tools required to conveniently book those vehicles as and when required (either online or by phone).

Benefits of car clubs

Vehicles can be booked for as little as an hour or as long as you require, ensuring that you only ever pay for a car when you need it. Unlike traditional car hire, car club vehicles are available to hire and return 24/7, 365 days a year.

It’s just like having your own car, without any of the hassle. We take care of insurance, breakdown cover, maintenance, cleaning, tax, parking permits and London Congestion Charge… you just need to turn up and drive!

Members love E-Car

  • Great substitute for the second car. We have been members of E-Car since 2014 and absolutely love it. It’s perfect as my husband often takes our family car to work during the week, so the kids and I use E-Car as a low-cost alternative to a second car.

    Becky Drew
    Becky Drew Private E-Car Member
  • Last year my car packed up and I'd seen E-Car's around my area so decided give it a try. I was on the market for a new car but have decided not to bother now! I regularly  book cars when I want, where I want, and all for a low price; thoroughly recommended.

    Mark Short
    Mark Short Private E-Car Member
  • My girlfriend and I have been using E-Car for almost a year now, a really good idea as neither of us have a car at University. There’s even a van for when we make the occasional trip to IKEA. A great service overall, and very reasonable (especially as insurance is included!)

    Kris Simpson
    Kris Simpson Private E-Car Member
  • At first I was nervous about driving an electric car, the battery being my biggest concern. But the Renault ZOE is both extremely practical and nippy, I only drive in and around London, so even if I book for a few days I never have to think about charging during my booking.

    Faye Muir
    Faye Muir Private E-Car Member

A low-emission fleet

Hybrid & Electric vehicles offer quiet, smooth driving and brisk acceleration without throwing loads of nasty gasses out of the tailpipe… in fact, our electric vehicles have no tailpipe!

Few people now deny that the future of motoring is electric. In fact, as of late 2015, the UK Government signed an agreement stating that almost all new vehicles sold in the UK must be ultra-low emission by 2050, thus paving the way for accelerated development in a sector that has already seen incredible technological advancement over the last few years.

The E-Car fleet mostly consists of the Toyota Auris, Renault ZOE and Nissan LEAF. Our electric cars come with an average range of 70-90 miles per charge, which is more than sufficient for the majority of journeys undertaken on a day-to-day basis.

Utilising a low-emission fleet enables E-Car to offer the lowest environmental impact per mile of any car club, and the associated low running costs are directly passed on to members.

Benefits of E-Car

Lower Costs

Using a car club car is almost always cheaper than owning, insuring and maintaining your own. If you drive less than 10,000 miles a year in one of your vehicles, E-Car could save you over £2,000 per annum. It’s easy to only think of direct running costs like fuel and tyre-wear when making the calculation, but bear in mind that the average privately-owned car in the UK is parked up for over 95% of its life- but is always costing money in terms of tax, insurance and depreciation.


No more trekking to car hire companies (when their offices are open), running for buses or flagging down taxis. E-Cars can be found in carefully selected bays a few minutes’ walk from your home or place of work, and accessed in seconds.


If you need a car, it’s there. If you don’t, it isn’t. And if your circumstances change you aren’t left with an expensive asset you don’t need.

No more dealing with insurance, breakdown cover, MOTs, finding parking spaces, servicing, cleaning, re-fuelling… the list goes on. It’s just so much simpler.

Lower Emissions

Carplus estimate that each car club vehicle ultimately replaces 24 privately owned vehicles on the UK streets. E-Car not only replace them, but replace them with the most environmentally friendly cars on the market.