We launched in Bath in July 2017 in partnership with Bath & North East Somerset Council by providing pool cars for council use. Since then we have expanded into various locations in Bath opening up the scheme for the public to use. This provides residents with a new, convenient and greener way to travel around the region by car.


We deployed a fleet of brand-new, low emission Renault ZOE’s, Fiat 500’s & Toyota Auris which can be booked for an hour or several days at a time from as little as £5.50 per hour or £45 per day, making carsharing attainable to a wider economic background.


The vehicles are specially adapted to include an RFID card access system, meaning the cars can be booked online (or via the free E-Car Club mobile app) and used by several different people throughout the day. The cars can be booked for any length of time (over one hour). Insurance is even included in this price, and the minimum membership age is just 19.


Our vehicles have stylish features with top of the range technology to ensure a stress-free and comfortable driving experience, their natural flair can turn an ordinary trip into a journey packed with excitement and vigour. Having a range of electric, hybrid and petrol vehicles gives users a variety of choices for all types of journeys.


The Toyota Hybrids are self-charging which means that every moment you are driving, your battery is charging even when slowing down. The Renault ZOE’s on the other hand are fully-electric and are fun, nippy and practical around both the city and rural routes.


The cars are parked in towns across Bath including the Charlotte Street Car Park which is in the city centre of Bath, Civic Centre in Keynsham, Lewis House and The Guild Hall. There are vehicles located at convenient new hubs exclusively for local residents to book in the evenings during the week and all day at weekends. All vehicles are available for public and council use Monday to Friday.

We are delighted to give Bath residents the opportunity to integrate low emission vehicles into their everyday lives through E-Car which offers a self-service, low cost and low emission car club. We aim to provide different types of vehicles for different purposes. By doing this it will encourage car owners to consider using the service as an alternative to vehicle ownership. This entail will reduce emissions and congestion.”


Patrick Cresswell

Managing Director at E-Car Club