Our friends from Plug In Adventures are taking the new Nissan LEAF half way across the world in the Mongol Rally 2017 on the journey of a lifetime.

Chris Ramsey and his wife from Plug In Adventures are actively attempting to change negative stereotypes on electric driving, by taking the fully-electric LEAF from Goodwood Racing Circuit in Chichester to Ulan-Ude in Eastern Russia. The event is non-competitive and done for the adventure and it kicked off last week on Sunday 16th July.

Their chosen vehicle, the new 30kwh Nissan LEAF Acenta, has undergone only minor changes to prepare for the rally. Nissan have helped adapt the LEAF so that it can endure a cross-continental journey by protecting the bottom, adding a roof rack, removing the rear seats, adding rally tyres and raising the suspension.

Plug In Adventures predict that their long-haul journey could take roughly six to eight weeks in total. Their final goal over the course of this trip is to prove that electric cars can travel half way around the world, across a range of climates, terrains and with little charging option, and still be equally as efficient as any fuel engine.

Chris from Plug In Adventure and his wife Julie have now made it 10 days into the rally and so far so good. Despite several charging issues on the way, with some points not working, the Nissan LEAF has still made the journey look like a breeze by making it all the way to western Turkey, near Istanbul. Not only does the journey look like an incredible adventure, the LEAF has already proven the incredible abilities of an electric car, by making it all the way across Europe in only 10 days!

As they reach the Middle East, they plan on charging anywhere possible as charging points will become more and more sparse. By doing this they have raised awareness for electric charging options in this part of the world. Thanks to their efforts, they have already started talks within the Kazakhstan government to implement more charging infrastructures around the country.

If this huge journey continues to run as smoothly as it has so far, Chris and Julie from Plug In Adventure will successfully make one of the greatest electric car statements to date. They have already achieved an amazing thing and yet the journey still continues. Not only have they started a conversation at a governmental level, they will also influence thousands of people that follow their incredible adventure.