in Charging E-Cars
E-Car charging time varies depending on your current fuel level, the capability of the car’s battery and the speed of the charge point you’re using.

Our BMW i3’s, Nissan Leaf’s and Renault Zoe’s are all capable of Rapid Charging (43KW) allowing you to completely recharge the car in 30 Minutes – 1 Hour.

Using Fast Charging at 22KW will charge a car within 1-3 Hours and at 7KW will take 2-4 Hours.

The Slow Charging points operate at 3KW and are meant to be used overnight. This means an extended charge time of 6-8 Hours.

If you would like to find out more about where to charge and how to plan your journey, please click here.

If you have run out of charge, or are worried that you might – please give us a call on 0203 603 22 59We will help you locate your nearest charging point, or arrange recovery.