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When driving an E-Vehicle, you can “refuel” at one of the four thousand (plus) charging points on the UK charging network.

These charging points are operated by various 3rd Party companies and so are all used and accessed in a slightly different way. Below you’ll find a guide to the Pay As You Go points which we would recommend:


Charge Your Car – 

Support Team – 0191 265 0500 – Mon-Fri 8am-6pm

Fast Charging 7KW – 2-4 hours

Posts are free or PAYG depending on location. More information is available on the CYC live map.

Download the Charge Your Car App to use and pay.


Ecotricity/The Electric Highway – 

Support Team – 08000 302 302/0345 555 7100 App Support – 01453 761455

Rapid Charging 43KW – from 30 minutes – 1 Hour

Rapid charging costs £6.00 per 30 minutes. Points at IKEA are free to use.

Download the Electric Highway App and create an account or sign in as a guest to use and pay.


POD Point – 

Support Team – 020 7247 4114 – Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Fast Charging 7/22KW – 1-4 hours

Posts are free or PAYG depending on location.

Download the Open Charge App for Android or iPhone to find your nearest point and follow the in-app instructions.


POLAR Instant – 

Support Team – 0845 5280 289/0330 0165 126 – 24/7

Fast Charging 7KW – 2-4 hours

PAYG, prices depending on location – average cost is £1.70 per hour + a £1.20 admin fee. More information is available on the POLAR live map.

Download the POLAR Instant App and set up an account. Credit your account with £20 or £40 and follow the in-app instructions when at charging point.


If you have any problems with the charging post, it’s best to contact the provider directly. If you need a hand finding a 3rd Party chargepoint, please contact us on 0203 603 22 59.

Visit the E-Car ChargeHUB