in Charging E-Cars
All of our vehicles should be plugged into the car first.

Take the HUB all-black key fob out to the post and hold it on the reader. The post may indicate which socket (A or B) to use and you can then plug the cable into the post.

* Note that vehicles in Leopald Estate, Waltham Forest and Merchants walk are ‘Plug and Play’ charge points which mean you don’t need the black Key Fob for the car to start charging. Just simply plug one end into the car and one into the charge post and it will start charging. *

Return to the vehicle – the dashboard will display a time remaining, which will confirm that the vehicle is charging.

For a walkthrough of what to do when you finish your booking, please click here.

If you’re having problems getting the car on charge and would like some help, please contact us on 0203 603 22 59.