in Driving, Picking Up & Returning an E-Car
When returning the car to the HUB:

  1. Park the car in the correct E-Car bay
  2. Retrieve the cable from the boot and plug it into the car. *Note that vehicles in Guerin Square should be plugged in post-side-first. *
  3. Hold the all-black Key Fob to the panel on the post. The display may indicate the available socket (A or B) – plug the charging cable into the post. * Note that vehicles in Leopald Estate, Waltham Forest and Merchants walk are ‘Plug and Play’ charge points which mean you don’t need the black Key Fob for the car to start charging.*
  4. Check the display on the post again – it will usually indicate if there is a problem
  5. Return to the car and check the dashboard – it should indicate that the vehicle is successfully charging time and display a “time remaining”.
  6. Access the handset in the dashboard and insert the white key-fob into its base. Return the car keys.
  7. Close the handset to be presented with your trip data. Check that the logbook is ready for the next Member.
  8. Retrieve your personal belongings and rubbish, check the windows and passenger doors are closed and the headlights are off.
  9. When all doors are closed and you’re ready to leave the vehicle, touch your Membership card onto the reader or use the mobile app from the outside of the car.

If you would like some assistance when you’ve completed your journey, please give us a call on 0203 603 22 59 – we would be happy to walk you through the process.