in Membership, Billing and Pricing
We do not believe in complicated “add-ons”, the price you see is the price you’ll pay. We look after:

    • Power/fuel* – There are no fees for battery used during your journey. Re-charging electric vehicles is free at the HUB (where you pick up the vehicle from), but you will be charged to use the public charge posts. 
    • London Congestion Charge**
    • Insurance

* Hybrid vehicles you will incur a mileage fee to cover fuel which starts from 20p a mile. Upon booking you will be charged on top for a minimum of 30 miles and after you exceed that you will pay 20p per mile.
** London Congestion Charges are exempt for electric vehicles so you will not incur congestion charge if you enter the congestion zone.

For all debit or credit card payments a pre-authorisation may be requested up to 24 hours before your reservation time to cover the cost of your booking and any additional charges.