Well now you can,

with a Ubeeqo EV Demonstration

Working in partnership with Go Ultra Low and the West of England authorities, we are looking to create a buzz around electric vehicles (EVs) and emerging vehicle technology.

As part of the project, you can drive an electric vehicle from Ubeeqo for up to two weeks for free, for nothing more than the electricity you use!


Originally powered by E-Car, the EV Demonstration project is now managed by our sister car club Ubeeqo (both owned by Europcar Mobility Group). 

Go Ultra Low

Why go electric?

For the everyday driver, going from a traditional petrol or diesel vehicle to an EV can seem like a journey into the unknown – but with our help it doesn’t have to be. With increasing innovation and environmental awareness. EVs have never been easier, sleeker or more exciting to drive.


So let’s take a little look into some of the benefits of going electric…

Immediate torque & acceleration

Quiet ride; no noisy engine!

Premium performance

Exclusive charging facilities

Social pride

Responsible for a better, healthier planet!

How do you drive an

electric vehicle?

Driving an electric vehicle feels no different to driving an automatic petrol or diesel car, except the instant torque usually makes it feel a little more exhilarating!


For more info, please view the video on the left.

Our vehicles

Our EV Demonstrator fleet consists of Nissan LEAF and Renault ZOE models making for a comfortable driving experience, ideal for everyday journeys and a great way to try out how an EV could work for you.

Nissan LEAF 2.ZERO

Renault ZOE

*Vehicles are allocated subject to their availability meaning range & model may vary


Complete and submit the form below to express your interest

Sign up to Ubeeqo for free using promo code WOEX10 through the app or website

Our team will arrange the booking for you and the vehicle will be delivered to your preferred address

Prior to the end of your booking our team will be in touch to confirm collection and complete a 10 minute end survey

Where can I re-charge

my EV?

With new points being added daily, the landscape of UK charging posts is continually changing.


Charge HUB helps EV drivers discover the local charge network around them, click the button on the right to learn more!

Interested in a free 2-week test drive?

Driving one of our electric vehicles as part of the demonstrator is completely free, you just need to pay for the electricity (a full charge costs up to £6.00 depending on which post you use and will give you around 70-90 miles or more depending on the size of the battery how you drive the car).


Just fill in a few details here and we’ll be in touch to confirm your booking, verify your licence details and get you on the road!

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