The UK’s plug-in car market saw a strong performance in October (2017)

Accounting for 2.2% of total vehicle registrations, compared to diesel sales dropping by 30% at the same time.

Pure electric car (EV) registrations of 672 units increased more than 70% compared to October 2016, while plug-in hybrid increased by 47%. Combined plug-in vehicle registrations increased 51% in October compared to 2016’s figures.

Total new car registrations decreased 12% compared to last year, though all of that decline is because of the lack of buyer confidence in diesel. Diesel sales decreased 29.9% in October, a malaise that has affected the few diesel-hybrid models on sale too, as they fell almost 50% compared to last year. Diesel-hybrids only accounted for 64 units though, compared to conventional diesel’s 62,349 registrations.

All other categories – petrol, petrol-hybrid, EV and PHEV – increased sales a little, though not enough to fill all of the void coming from diesel’s decline.