POD Point

POD Point have thousands of charging points across the UK, connecting EV drivers with hundreds of charging stations nationwide at locations such as Sainsbury’s and Southern Rail.


1. Create a free account

2. Plug in cable

3. Select charge point in app

4. Charge Your EV


The majority of POD Point posts remain FREE.


Charge points which have a tariff applied to them by the owners are indicated as such on their website and mobile app. Some charge point providers may have their own signage or sticker on the charge point.


For the majority of on-street charge points, you will require a type 2 menekes cable to successfully charge. There are still on-street unit that utilise the domestic 3-pin plug but these are now far and few between.


50 and 43 kW Rapid charge units have tethered cables, but not all vehicles can utilise these chargers.


There are no charge time limitations on most ‘POD Point’ charge points,

however these may be indicated when viewing a charge point on their website or mobile app.