The Ecotricity ‘Electric Highway’ enables electric vehicle drivers to travel the length of Britain – completely emissions free.


1. Download the ‘Electric Highway’ app

2. Register your payment details

3. Check the charge point status

4. Charge Your EV


Charged at 17p per unit, with a £3 connection fee.


Charge points which have a tariff applied to them by the owners are indicated as such on their website and mobile app. Some charge point providers may have their own signage or sticker on the charge point.


Ecotricity have a small number of 22kW AC charge points, which you’ll need the appropriate cable to connect the car.


50 and 43 kW Rapid charge units have tethered cables, but not all vehicles can utilise these chargers.


A 45-minute charge is available. Ecotricity dual fuel energy customers do not pay the connection fee (subject to their fair use policy).