Charge Hub contains everything you need to know about electric vehicle charging.

The public charge network offer a mix of slow, fast and rapid charging points operated by either a regional or national network.


The largest regional networks include: Source London, ChargePoint Scotland and Plugged-in Midlands. Once a member of a network, EV users have access to all charge points in the network with which they are registered.


National networks have also been developed using private or public funding. The main operators which offer charging facilities across the country include: Charge Your Car, Ecotricity, POD Point and ChargeMaster/POLAR.

EV connector types

Connecting an electric vehicle to an EV charger requires a cable fitted with connectors to match the charger outlet socket and the vehicle inlet socket. Most cables have a connector at each end or are tethered, which means that the cable is permanently attached to the charging unit.


The choice of connector is determined by whether an EV is charged using AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current), the charging speed (kW power) and the safety protocol employed. Having different countries of origin, the make and model will also determine which connector are used.

Zap Map

Zap-Map enables electric vehicle (EV) drivers to locate, navigate to and update charge points

for the benefit of the EV community. Take a look at the map below to find charge points

near you or on your typical journey.

Need help with charging your EV?

E-Car Club have created a number of instructional videos which can be found on YouTube.


This includes videos of taking different electric vehicles on & off various charge points around the country.