Car sharing that works around you

The simple, convenient solution for your business travel

E-Car will work closely with your organisation to understand the key objectives that an E-Car scheme can help you achieve.

We realise that for most organisations, electric vehicles are a new and sometimes an unknown quantity that might prove challenging to manage and introduce into your organisation. We will help you overcome these concerns and help ensure that the vehicles are fully integrated into your business, with any misconceptions being removed, and replaced with positive experiences – the performance of the EVs certainly help!

Market leading EV Car Club expertise

People: a team that are all experts and enthusiasts in their field of electric vehicles and car sharing

Technology: E-Car’s proprietary EV booking system that provides the customer with greater control and visibility of their fleet of electric vehicles

Key features: market leading tools that ensure a positive experience, that include live charge data when making a booking, and ensuring vehicles are fully charged for advanced reservations

Economic saving

Providing your organisation with a cost effective alternative versus the incumbent options (pool cars, grey fleet mileage and taxis)

As part of the Europcar Group, you will have preferential access to Europcar’s mobility options, including car hire for longer journeys or a chauffeur service for staff or clients

The E-Car EV booking system ensures: efficient use of your fleet; maximises availability; and minimises under-utilisation risk

Local Environment benefits

Improving local air quality by: reducing the number of vehicles on the road; promoting car sharing; operating the lowest emission vehicles on the market; and where possible utilising renewable sources of energy

Removing the requirement to have a private car at work for business travel, thus promoting the use of public transport, cycling or walking for commuting purposes

Reducing the number of vehicles on the road will help the local environment to be used for more beneficial purposes other than parking e.g. green space

Facilitating a service to the local community, and improving local mobility options

Integrating the E-Car scheme to other local transport solutions


From booking with our mobile app to accessing an E-Car with a contactless card, the whole process is designed to be autonomous and as simple as possible

E-Car provide a fully managed service, giving you the peace of mind that your vehicles are managed by a dedicated team of experts

Several years of experience in the EV sector, allows you to take advantage of our vast experience (we’ve learnt a huge amount!) and we’ll help you navigate through choosing the right EV, installation of charging infrastructure, introduction of the EV booking system and managing your fleet on a day-to-day basis


E-Car have a creative and innovative team that enjoy challenging the norm and exploring how we can embrace new areas of mobility, ensuring that you’re always working with a partner that is at the forefront of the mobility sector

E-Car take an agile and flexible approach to the models that we can offer our partners, we want to ensure that you are continually getting the most out of the scheme