Electric car sharing for business

No need to pay for business travel unless you’re actually behind the wheel

E-Car provides a cost effective, convenient & environmentally friendly alternative to private car ownership for your business.

An E-Car Business membership offers companies and their employees a smarter and more cost effective way to travel. Whether you’re a business looking to host E-Cars at your offices or utilise locally situated vehicles, E-Car offer a range of options to suit your individual business needs.


E-Car for business is now operated by our sister company Ubeeqo, also owned by Europcar Mobility Group. Ubeeqo offers an improved booking platform, and you’ll continue to receive support from the same Accounts and Customer Service teams, with access to the same electric vehicles. Please request a call back here or find out more about Ubeeqo mobility solutions for your company here.

How can E-Car help your business?

The E-Car model helps to tackle unnecessary fleet costs by:


  • Doing away with onerous personal mileage reimbursements
  • Access to our simple online booking system & keyless vehicle access
  • No key handovers, with complete visibility over vehicle usage
  • Reduced reliance on personal vehicles which in-turn relieves onsite parking pressure
  • Tailored reporting by our Client Accounts Team

Additional benefits of E-Car schemes:


  • The E-Car fleet is fully electric utilising the lowest emission vehicles on the market
  • Access to E-Cars at work, encourages travelling to work by public transport

Why choose E-Car for your business travel needs?


E-Car are the market leading organisation when it comes to electric car sharing, providing a customised service based on your business travel requirements. Our systems are tailored to managing EV’s and provide unparalleled reliability to our clients, which is vital when delivering an essential service to our business partners.

Track Record

E-Car’s service is very well suited to small and medium sized businesses who may only require occasional use of a vehicle, E-Car provide you with a flexible solution where you pay for a vehicle only when you need it.

Ease and Convenience

As a small organisation you want to be focusing on your core business area. E-Car removes the stress of dealing with business travel, making things easier and more convenient for the employer, as well as the employee, and allowing you to focus on what’s really important for your business.