Car sharing for housing-developments

Adding even more value for your residents

E-Car specialise in delivering high quality, entirely electric car sharing schemes through effective partnerships with housing associations and property developers, delivering an industry leading travel solution for new and existing developments.

If you’re building a new development, planning a new site, or simply looking to provide a valuable service to your residents, E-Car has the perfect solution to deliver an entirely electric car sharing solution.


E-Car for business is now operated by our sister company Ubeeqo, also owned by Europcar Mobility Group. Ubeeqo offers an improved booking platform, and you’ll continue to receive support from the same Accounts and Customer Service teams, with access to the same electric vehicles. Please request a call back here or find out more about Ubeeqo mobility solutions for your company here.

Driving your business forward

Improving use of local space

  • Replace multiple parking spaces with a single car club vehicle – the average E-Car has 30 members using it
  • Utilise the land made available from reduced parking required for green space
  • Provide the option for residents to access a conveniently located vehicle as and when they need one – remove the requirement for private car ownership

Differentiate your organisation

  • Show your commitment to sustainability by facilitating the introduction of an entirely electric car club
  • Be at the forefront of sustainable mobility as a partner of E-Car
  • Pioneer the introduction of EV’s and affordable travel options into your community

Applying for planning permission

  • Improve the provision of sustainable travel options for the development
  • Reduce long term traffic impacts in the local area
  • Demonstrate a progressive approach
  • Access to a car club will promote and encourage the use of public transport

Section 106

  • E-Car can help you fulfil car club specific legislation

Why Choose E-Car Club?


E-Car has built a network of industry leading partners and has extensive experience of deploying entirely electric car sharing schemes with housing associations and property developers. Our market leading knowledge associated with electric vehicles, can help you deliver a successful and sustainable car sharing scheme to your property and tenants.

Track Record

E-Car has a history of implementing successful schemes with leading housing associations and property developers, making efficient use of space available by introducing this innovative service.

Ease and Convenience

We’ll manage the entire process; from site assessment, installation of charging infrastructure through to day-to-day management of the vehicles, so you don’t need to be involved. Once you have allocated the bays for the scheme, we take care of everything. The vehicles are then easily accessible for residents or tenants to book and drive.