Car sharing for Local Authorities

Benefitting the organisation, your staff and the local community alike

An entirely electric car sharing solution based at your office, providing a low cost, sustainable business travel solution for your staff during the day and the local community during evenings and weekends.

Car club vehicles have been shown by independent research to reduce private car ownership, with each car club vehicle removing approximately 15 private vehicles from local roads.


Do you have a business travel demand during office hours? A mixed-use car club model could fulfil your organisation’s travel needs, whilst providing affordable access to a vehicle for the local community, creating a genuine win-win solution for all involved.

The benefits of an E-Car scheme for Local Authorities

  • Experienced public sector operator, that is Carplus accredited and a Crown Commercial Service provider
  • Cost effective alternative to pool cars, grey fleet mileage and taxis
  • Access to E-Car’s intelligent booking and management system that was designed and built from the ground specifically for EV’s
  • Greater visibility and control on staff business travel via E-Car’s telematics and reporting systems, resulting in reduced total business mileage
  • Unique features: provision of live charge data; guaranteed charge for advanced bookings; GPS data; and full invoicing and reporting capabilities
  • Strong industry partnerships, from charge point manufacturers to automotive OEMs, allowing E-Car to deploy a reliable and cost effective schemes
  • A long term partner, E-Car are committed to developing projects that will be sustainable over the long term
  • As part of the Europcar Group, when staff need to travel further afield for longer journeys, preferential rates for day car hire through Europcar are available

Why choose E-Car to support your Local Authority?


E-Car and its industry leading partners have vast experience of planning and deploying entirely electric car sharing schemes to numerous District and Borough Councils across the UK.

Track Record

E-Car have deployed schemes with several local authorities across the UK, helping our partners to deliver on key economic, environmental and mobility objectives.

Ease and Convenience

E-Car takes the stress and hassle out of your business travel, by helping implement a more convenient and efficient solution for your fleet, designed specifically around your needs. Not only facilitating a suitable travel solution for your organisation, but also for your local area.