The Car Club for the Education sector

The perfect travel solution for Universities & colleges

E-Car’s mixed-use model maximises the utilisation of a given vehicle by making them available for your University or college’s business travel whilst simultaneously providing a solution for student travel.

E-Car for business is now operated by our sister company Ubeeqo, also owned by Europcar Mobility Group. Ubeeqo offers an improved booking platform, and you’ll continue to receive support from the same Accounts and Customer Service teams, with access to the same electric vehicles. Please request a call back here or find out more about Ubeeqo mobility solutions for your company here.

The benefits of E-Car at your University or college

  • Provides your staff and students with a cost effective and reliable transport option
  • Low cost and transparent pricing models; lifetime membership, no monthly costs or hidden charges, no mileage fees, plus insurance and any potential congestion charges all included
  • Eases the problems of onsite parking pressure and local congestion
  • Reduces your business travel expenditure
  • Helps minimise your carbon footprint
  • Encourages staff to commute sustainably to work (e.g. walk, cycle or take public transport)

Why choose E-Car to support your University or college?


E-Car, and its network of industry leading partners have vast experience of deploying fully electric, mixed-use schemes for educational institutions. We’re keen to share this knowledge and help to deliver an integrated and sustainable transport solution for you.

Track Record

E-Car has experience implementing successful schemes with leading educational institutions, such as the University of St Andrews.

Ease and Convenience

E-Car can guide you through the process of setting up a fully electric car club, giving valuable advice during the planning, infrastructure installation and development phases through to launch… and beyond.

Customers say

“ It’s been a revelation having E-Car based in St Andrews. We now have 3 locations within the University where local residents, University Students and Staff can collect their E-Car from and enjoy zero emission car travel. The take up from students has been particularly good in the early stages with huge numbers signing up and trying the cars. Our targets now is to increase awareness amongst staff and local residents whilst looking at other sites across the town where the car can be based thus serving a larger part of the University and town.”
Alistair Macleod, Transition University of St Andrews
“The University of Hertfordshire has worked with E-Car for over two years in developing the UK’s first EV car club for the Higher Education sector. In that time the car club continues to grow its membership, and plays an important role as part of the University’s overall Travel Plan offer, providing affordable access to a modern fleet of EV vehicles. We look forward to building on our initial success and maintaining our relationship with E-Car so that our University community can continue to benefit from this emerging sector”.
Dr Scott Copsey, Transport Planner & Coordinator