E-Car for business

The smart travel solution

E-Car continually seeks to differentiate itself from the rest of the car club market, by delivering a unique business model that incorporates:

an entirely electric fleet; innovative and integrated travel solutions to meet the requirements of a variety of business partners; and a reduction in both the environmental and economic impact of each journey undertaken.

E-Car for business is now operated by our sister company Ubeeqo, also owned by Europcar Mobility Group. Ubeeqo offers an improved booking platform, and you’ll continue to receive support from the same Accounts and Customer Service teams, with access to the same electric vehicles. Please request a call back here or find out more about Ubeeqo mobility solutions for your company here.

The E-Car Team aims “to transform mobility by providing smart, shared travel solutions which minimise negative impacts on the environment and are affordable to all”.

Low cost

  • Cost effective versus incumbent options
  • Fully managed fleet (incl. insurance)
  • Access to a car when you need it
  • Minimise grey fleet mileage and replace underutilised pool cars
  • Maximise efficiency of your fleet through E-Car’s unique booking system

Hassle free

  • Keyless access
  • E-Cars located with your organisation
  • 24/7/365 online booking system, access to vehicles and helpline
  • Detailed personalised monthly reports showing usage and savings
  • Itemised invoices on a monthly or quarterly basis


  • Lowest emission vehicles on the market
  • Improved local air quality with zero particulate emissions
  • Increased access to local charging infrastructure
  • Integrated sustainable travel solution
  • Helping achieve carbon reduction targets

Simple, easy & convenient




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