We already have a successful partnership with E-Car Club to use Toyota Hybrids as pool cars for our staff. As a result of this we have seen more shared journeys by employees, a reduction in business mileage claims and lower emissions. This next stage, which allows members of the public to join a car club scheme, is hugely exciting. Vehicles are available to book across the Borders and I believe many of our local residents will take advantage of this when they need access to a car for a few hours or even a full day.


Councillor Simon Mountford

Executive Member for HR and Transformation at Scottish Borders Council

We recently partnered with Scottish Borders Council to provide residents with a new, convenient and greener way to travel around the region by car.


We deployed a fleet of brand-new, low emission Toyota Yaris hybrids, which can be booked for an hour or several days at a time from as little as £5.50 per hour or £45 per day, making carsharing attainable to a wider economic background.


The vehicles are specially adapted to include an RFID card access system, meaning the cars can be booked online (or via the free E-Car Club mobile app) and used by several different people throughout the day. The cars can be booked for any length of time (over one hour). Insurance is even included in this price, and the minimum membership age is just 19.


Our Toyota Yaris hybrids’ energetic lines and stylish features don’t just ensure a stress-free and comfortable driving experience, their natural flair can turn an ordinary trip into a journey packed with excitement and vigour. Seeing as these vehicles are hybrid, they come with two power sources – a petrol engine and an electric motor.


The majority of Toyota Hybrids are self-charging which means that every moment you are driving, your battery is charging even when slowing down. This is thanks to technology like the regenerative braking system, which recovers energy that would normally be lost and stores it in the battery for later use. And because they are all self-charging hybrids, their batteries never need to be plugged in.


The cars are parked in towns across the Borders, in Eyemouth, Duns, Kelso, Galashiels, Hawick, Peebles and Newtown St Boswells, in spaces prepared by Scottish Borders Council as part of their work to support green transport in the town. There are vehicles located at convenient new hubs exclusively for local residents to book in the evenings during the week and all day at weekends. They are available between 5pm and 9am, Monday to Wednesday; and 5pm on Thursday, right through to 9am on Monday.

We are delighted to give Borders residents the opportunity to integrate low emission vehicles into their everyday lives through E-Car which offers a self-service, low cost and low emission car club. It’s a flexible solution for drivers who don’t want to commit to car ownership but need access to a car from time to time. We hope this scheme will encourage car owners to consider using the service as an alternative to vehicle ownership. And that should result in fewer cars on the road, and ultimately reducing emissions and congestion.”


Patrick Cresswell

Managing Director at E-Car Club


For this occasion, we are promoting a special introductory offer which includes FREE lifetime membership (FREE normally £50) plus £15 free driving credit. Simply visit: ecarclub.co.uk/join and enter code: WELCOMESB to claim it.